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Leadership and Mindset

Leadership is a required skill at all levels of an organisation. Mindset is key to ensuring that everyone in an organisation feels empowered and valued as a leader. This course helps those wishing to hone their leadership skills and knowledge in order to; learn about personal values and differing mindsets, understand the strengths and opportunities of their personal leadership style, recognise the impact of behaviours and understand how to manage and facilitate different outcomes, build meaningful relationships to generate commitment and develop coaching techniques to maximise impact and outcomes for other and themselves.

Augere - Elevate - Mindset
AUGERE - Elevate - Development

Manager Development

Effective managers are a critical factor in business success. This course will help managers to; understand their personal leadership style, create a positive and productive environment in their team and with others (both for BAU and for change), learn coaching and feedback techniques to enhance performance and manage conflict with a positive mindset.

Innovation & Creativity

Improving innovation and developing creative thinking capability is an aspiration increasingly sought after in businesses. Having managers and specialists who use creative thinking techniques to generate ideas, can help solve everyday business problems. This course will help those wanting to learn about and practice a range of creative thinking and innovation methods, so that engagement, productivity and business outcome can be enhanced.

AUGERE - Elevate - Innovation
AUGERE - Elevate - Projects

Change and Projects

Managing change and dealing with the impacts of projects delivering change is a high priority for most businesses. Being equipped with change and project skills ensures that your people and teams are able to enhance your business outcomes. This course will help anyone leading or enabling change projects to recognise change drivers, understand organisation impacts, engage with stakeholders and plan to embed the change.


Communication skills sit at the heart of all interpersonal interactions. Having a toolkit of effective communication skills is key to successfully navigating both business and personal worlds. This course will help those looking to communicate more clearly and with impact, by improving verbal and non-verbal understanding and enhancing interpersonal skills.

AUGERE - Elevate - Communication

AUGERE - Elevate - Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

Having a diverse and inclusive culture helps ensure that your organisation can best meet the needs of all of your stakeholders. It drives engagement and also improves your business outcomes. This course will help raise awareness and grow knowledge, to enable you to enhance diversity and inclusion practices across your business, end to end.

Customer Service and Experience

Understanding customers needs is critical to delivering positive customer service experiences. Enhanced communication skills and consistent actions are key to building customer loyalty and satisfaction. This course will help those in customer-facing roles identify and understand the key elements required to ensure the right customer service behaviours and outcomes, even in difficult situations.

AUGERE - Elevate - Customer Service

AUGERE - Elevate - Teams

Building Resilient Teams

Having resilience is critical to proactively enabling and embedding change – and improving performance. This course will help teams in any setting who wish to build their individual and collective resilience, in order to support each other and work together better.


In our view, people are the key to business success – and their ability to be personally effective is enhanced by focus on their own personal health (including mental health), wellness and wellbeing. This personal effectiveness is critical to maximising organisation effectiveness – which is evidenced through teamwork, leadership and culture across an organisation. An effective organisation that is motivated and aspiring together, will generally be more productive, more effective, and more successful.

Through our #bethebestme learning suite, we offer a broad range of modular learning experiences aimed at growing individual knowledge and awareness, that can be tailored to create individual and team programs – supporting the continuing and evolving pursuit of great wellness culture across an organisation.

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