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Future of Work Readiness

We are already witnessing workplace change like never before. In the next five years, we will witness the greatest amount of change ever in the world of work. Are you ready? Our Future of Work diagnostic assesses your preparedness in terms of skills capability and adaptability, mindset shift requirements and overall propensity to learn, unlearn and relearn.

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Culture & Organisation alignment

Organisational culture has a direct impact on the ability to perform and deliver expected business outcomes. Healthy cultures and organisation structures can provide a clear competitive advantage. Is your culture and organisation helping you?

Through our Culture and Organisation alignment assessment, we collect and consider your company ‘stories’, check how your employees view you, observe and feedback on behaviours and share how people interpret company values, in order to make recommendations to enhance and strengthen your culture and organisation.

People & Development Strategy Assessment

We all know that our people are the most critically important asset we have. However, not all organisations have an effective People Strategy or a Development Strategy required to maximise individual and business performance outcomes.

Through our People and Development Strategy assessment, we review the aspirations for your people in alignment with your company vision, highlight opportunities to strengthen and broaden your employer proposition to get better outcomes, sense-check and bring visibility to areas where learning and development strategy and people capability is not optimised and aligned – and check if key metrics are effective.

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End to End Upskilling Opportunities

As the demands of the world of work change – so to do the skills needs and wants of our people. Ensuring our capabilities are maximised and our people have time and opportunity to learn, unlearn and relearn in order to be most effective becomes a critical factor in a business’s adaptability and success.

Our End to End Upskilling and Reskilling audit, reviews and assesses current skills across teams, reflects and converts the company strategy into target outcomes – and bring visibility to skills gaps and opportunities.

Engagement & Communication Effectiveness

Engagement and Communication are critical to maximising the effectiveness of your organisation. An effective organisation that is motivated and aspiring together, will generally be more productive, more effective, and more successful.

Through our Engagement and Communication health-check, we review current engagement tools and techniques, assess clarity of voice and effectiveness of communications (including a view of what, when, where, how, who) – and highlight opportunities to maximise and ensure that engagement is a two-way street, where employees feel valued and actively contribute to success.

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Shared Services

Shared Services and outsourcing operating models are used broadly to bring operating efficiency and effectiveness to the core functions of a company. Continuous Improvement tools and techniques are used to solve specific problems and to ensure that a business is operating efficiently and effectively, end to end.

Our Shared Services and Continuous Improvement assessments can be applied to review and optimise an existing operating model and its people – or used to assess the opportunities that implementation could bring.

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