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Peter FennellManaging Director

Specialisations: Strategy and Leadership, Business Transformation and Change Management, AUGERE’s Advise and Growth Services, End to End Business Integration

Peter is an experienced CIO and Change Director having worked in consulting and advisory roles and as a Board Director for Marks & Spencer Money. Peter also has cross-sector experience as a CIO and Change Director. He has a strong track record leading change and transformation initiatives and has led a regional consulting practice as well as working for both Accenture and Ernst & Young. Peter is a strong team player and passionate about building strong relationships with all his customers.

Pete Fennell

Busy entrepreneurs are so often pulled into operational fire-fighting. I find it massively rewarding helping them take a step back to map out how to fix the underlying problems, then freeing up time to focus on what they are really good at to grow wealth and achieve ambitious growth targets.

Nick BrownCustomer Delivery Director

Specialisations: Change Management Leadership, Programme Management and Assurance, Process and Continuous Improvement, Organisational Capability including TetraMap.

Nick is a highly experienced Change Professional of 25 years; working across the private and public sector in both a leadership and delivery capacity. He prides himself in establishing exceptional stakeholder relationships and most recently led the Change function for an award-winning consultancy. He specialises in change delivery and developing the change capability of organisations, as well as PMO and multi-million pound cost savings by process improvement.

Success to me is seeing my clients and business owners able to carve out the time and headspace to understand where they are headed, then put the control and a plan around it to make sure it happens – whilst engaging the folks on the ground at every step of the way

Simon CookSales Director & Finance Lead

Specialisations: Targeted Search and Selection, Training Experiences, AUGERE’s overall services, Networking and Relationship Management 

Simon is a business change, technology and projects search specialist. Over the last 20 years, he has helped numerous organisations build flexible resource pools of the best project management, PMO and technology delivery talent the UK market has to offer. Simon is a passionate and driven leader and takes pride in his desire to help people reach their true potential.

Simon Cook

I can appreciate from personal experience that it can be a lonely place leading a business. Making the right decisions, growing the business and looking after your people is not an easy ask of anyone. Having experienced people to lean on for support and share the load can concentrate their efforts. Growing your own business should be fun and we can help make that a reality.

Yasmin FennellDigital Marketing & Communications Lead

Specialisations: Workplace (by Facebook) Implementation, Social Media Management, Communications Programmes

Yasmin is a marketing and social media specialist who is passionate about building relationships. She uses her experience, communication skills (especially listening) and core organisation skills, to learn and adapt quickly to new challenges, ensuring her social media voice always effectively portrays the brands and teams she works with. Yasmin prides herself on being creative, knows how to play to the different strengths within a team, and her core belief is that good communication skills = positive results.

I believe that building relationships and increasing positive customer experiences is critical for business success. I find it hugely rewarding to help others achieve a goal, may it be small or large. To me, positive energy and motivation behind a task is the driving force towards success

Lisa Hooley (FCMA, CGMA)Marketing Director, ELEVATE Services & People Lead

Specialisations: Strategy, Leadership and Performance, Shared Services, End to End Business Transformation, AUGERE’s ELEVATE Services

Lisa is a commercial business leader with significant experience of enabling cost-base and restructure-led transformation in international businesses across the US, APAC, and Europe. She focuses on making change happen by making strategic vision a reality, enhancing people capabilities, improving operational performance, and prioritising customer experience via multi-functional Shared Services and other organisational and sourcing delivery models. Her forte is creating value and legacy through people, digital strategy, organisation, and culture, so that overall outcomes and performance is enhanced on all levels.

For me, the key to sustainably increasing business performance and customer outcomes is reached by enabling leaders and empowering people in all corners of an organisation. The value of everyone collaboratively performing at their best towards the same goal should never be underestimated!

Peter NacsonCustomer Delivery Director

Specialisations: Portfolio Leadership & Delivery, Growth Services and Change Management, AUGERE’s Delivery Services, Automation and Cyber Security

Pete is a highly experienced Change and Transformation Director with a proven record of employing a hybrid of skills and experience to develop and successfully deliver major ₤mm technology, operational and transformational change strategies and portfolios across a range of sectors globally. A senior leader who is able to set direction, create innovative solutions, and engage with senior executives to identify, propose and deliver cost-efficient, customer-driven outcomes.

Pete Nacson

To me, success is all about being able to genuinely help an owner of a business work out the right route towards the growth that they know their business can achieve; then getting the whole team behind it and excited by it is incredibly rewarding

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