News: Celebrating 3 years of Augere!

We incorporated three years ago in Nov 2018, so it is our third birthday! Read our blog about the journey we've been on over the past 3 years, by our Managing Director, Peter Fennell!

Augere incorporated three years ago! In November 2018, so it’s our 3rd birthday! 🎈 🎉

As we come out of the COVID-19 pandemic, despite the long tail of uncertainty we are all experiencing, at Augere we are looking forward to a bright future.  I’m really excited about the journey we are on: we have built a strong team, with a great deal of experience, but most importantly we really enjoy doing what we do and working together making a difference for our customers.

Our Mission

Our mission is all about helping businesses to Perform Better, Faster… with people at the heart of what we do and the difference we make. We enable businesses to transform at speed – focusing in on delivering customer aspirations – developing people and enabling accelerated performance.

In an increasingly digital world of e-commerce, social media, automation, AI and the IOT – a world where people are increasingly feeling detached and remote (a trend hugely magnified by COVID-19), at Augere we are passionate about “humanising change”- bringing people, cooperation, interaction and engagement to the front and centre.

We understand technology change. We understand about implementing new systems and improving business processes. Indeed … we have vast experience driving these projects in some of the largest corporates over the last 30 years, but for Augere, over and above these important enablers, it is about how to engage people, enhance skills and capabilities, face into and shift cultural and behavioural challenges and break the bad habits.

People need to want to change, to own it and embrace it. That is what really makes the step up in business performance our customers are looking for. This is what we mean by “humanising change”. At the end of the day, it is people who make the difference.

Our Approach

Our proposition and services are aimed at SME’s, Corporates and Public Sector organisations who are seeking to make a step-change in their business performance by executing and embedding long term transformation. We help them to Perform Better, Faster.

We are proud to be working for NW based SMEs – really successful growing companies like LOFT and Foilco. We are working with local government here in our region, both Cheshire West, Cheshire East and Liverpool City Council. We have also been working with a collective of arts and cultural organisations in Liverpool, some of the bigger and well-known organisations include the Philharmonic, Everyman & Playhouse, but lots of other worthy organisations too, like Dadafest, Twenty Stories High and FACT (Foundation for Art & Creative Technology).

We thought we had it tough with COVID-19, but our challenges pale into insignificance compared with performing arts organisations!

At a simplistic level we do 3 things:

ADVISE – we work with our customers to understand what they really need to do to achieve their ambitions. Determining the sequence of initiatives required and setting out a road map and plan for success.

This will include a business case – determining the cost and benefits and selecting any 3rd party suppliers (such as digital, marketing, cyber) that may be required along the way. We have a trusted network of partners (people we have a track record working successfully with) that we can introduce at the right time in the plan – the likes of Mitchell Charlesworth – to help on R&D tax credits or Trustify – for cyber security.

DELIVER – whatever the scope of the change needed, we will then lead and drive the delivery to achieve the required outcomes successfully. As a people business, we focus on leading change through collaboration and engagement. Engaging with our customer’s people is critical and what we think sets us apart from our competitors.

ELEVATE – our goal is to have your people performing at their best. We help our customers grow and develop their people and capabilities, so they achieve aspirational performance. Elevate has only just launched, and it is the last leg of the Augere three-legged stool and the part of the proposition that most embodies the “humanising change” theme I have talked about.

Advise deliver elevate

Augere has come a long way since we launched 3 years ago. We are really excited about what we do and the difference we believe we can make. There are other change management consultancies out there, but what makes us different is that we really do care about making change happen for our customers – it’s about getting to the outcome and making a real difference. In effect, we have our customers back: we take the load, managing the noise and turbulence that comes with change, so that our customers can lead doing what they do best.

We are successful in doing this by putting people front and centre and in effect “humanising change” for our customers and their people.

So, we will be raising a glass today, to toast 3 years of continued success at Augere. We are optimistic about 2022 and we are looking forward to seeing the back of COVID-19 as the vaccines boosters kick in and business growth continues apace.

Pete Fennell
Peter Fennell
Managing Director

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