Case Study: Primary Education Setting

Read about how a member of the AUGERE team helped a Primary Education Setting to improve efficiency, effectiveness, governance, engagement and outcomes.

A member of the AUGERE team helped a Primary Education Setting to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Refresh of the schools management, teaching and support structure, to rebalance experience levels, costs and dynamics of the schools offering and refocus on future needs, more actively utilising budget
  • A new school Vision was launched and embedded across all walks of the school community and school life
  • Refreshed governing board organisation structure in place;
    – School Improvement Committee with a forward 3-5 plan view, charged with asking the tougher, strategic questions and
    – Amalgamation of the  Data Committee into the Teaching and Learning Committee to bring end to end outcomes focus
  • Creation of a governing board RACI, to ensure most effective governance of schools performance overall

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