News: Perspectives On The Impact Of COVID-19 And Lockdown

Read about the impact of COVID-19 and Lockdown from the perspective of Yasmin Fennell, our Millennial Digital Marketing & Communications Lead!

Read about the impact of COVID-19 and Lockdown from the perspective of Yasmin Fennell, our Millennial Digital Marketing & Communications Lead!

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to fundamental changes in not just how we live, but how we work. Some of the challenges faced have been exceptionally difficult for young people (like myself) such as… feeling lonely and isolated since working from home since March 2020…& yes it’s likely that we’ll be working from home for the foreseeable future.

Being a Marketing professional I firmly believe that building relationships & increasing positive customer experiences are critical for business more now than ever before! However many might question how can this happen during a Pandemic? My personal response is:

Be creative
Get outdoors and into nature
Good communication skills are vital
Have positive energy and motivation behind a task = driving force towards success

Working for a small to mid-tier change management consultancy – we place our customers at the heart of our business & our core value is we care about helping people and business perform better, faster – so, therefore, I am delighted and proud to be part of a team who continue to value people & our customers that equally share the same vision in these uncertain times!

My learnings gained from the COVID-19 pandemic so far:

Working from home can be isolating
So regular check-ins virtually really help – just a ”how are you” may make someone’s day

 Establish new ways of working
*Using different collaborative working platforms
*How to communicate and how you support each other through challenges
*Trial & error has become my best friend
*Time to reflect on what’s working and what isn’t

Take advantage of technology
*Switch things up and use a range of technology available to you – it may work to alternate between Zoom and Teams and Facetime, as we all know they come with unreliabilities

For me at least, this lockdown has been quite a learning experience. Although the challenges faced throughout the pandemic have changed the culture of the workplace, how we prioritise work & how we engage with our ‘remote’ team – it hasn’t taken away this difficult situation. I personally believe it now presents a brilliant opportunity for us all to consider how we elevate communications, create a more resilient workforce & concentrate on our health & wellbeing.

I am positively optimistic that if we can all follow the mantra ‘’there is no lockdown on talking, there is no lockdown on inspiration, there is no lockdown on hope” – we will all come out of this in a much better way!

I look forward to continuing my learnings and developing them into good practice with AUGERE!

Yasmin Fennell
Digital Marketing & Communications Lead

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