News: Finding Resilience During Covid-19

Read about how building resilience in the face of covid-19 impacts has helped our Digital Marketing & Communications Lead to overcome setbacks with a positive mindset - and how she thinks we could all move forwards with confidence!

Read about how building resilience in the face of covid-19 impacts has helped our Digital Marketing & Communications Lead to overcome setbacks with a positive mindset – and how she thinks we could all move forwards with confidence!

We can all agree that 2020 was challenging and disruptive – as has the start of 2021. It caused so much unease with many of us feeling uncertain about what the future would hold for us. I wrote about my own challenges in a blog last November. This time I’m writing about resilience and the positive mindset that I have adopted and what’s needed to recover and heal, and how I think we should all move forwards with confidence.

Due to the current pandemic, the world has entered into an unprecedented and unclear period – so being resilient, and able to adapt to change, has never been more important to me.

I’ve often questioned the following over the course of the year:

•   When faced with adversity, how am I going to react?
•   How can I adapt to changing circumstances?
•   Do I possess that special attribute that enable people to deal with tragedy and then move on?

Resilience is ability to adapt and bounce back when things don’t go as planned. (Most) resilient people don’t stumble or dwell on failure; they recognise the situation, learn from their mistakes, and then move forward.

I can admit that there have been plenty of setbacks and situations in the pandemic which have added surprising levels of continuous stress for me personally.

I never really seen myself as the type that would easily get stressed or overwhelmed – but I think the endless months of social distancing and isolation from family and friends has certainly been highly challenging. All I crave now is to rip off my mask and head to nearest bar!!! But the reality is more self-isolation: stuck at home conducting meetings over Microsoft Teams!

Yes, there have been plenty of other setbacks, a few others to just mention:

Feelings of vulnerability relating to work life balance
•   Fright at the prospect of getting poorly
•   Uncertainty and a sense of loss of control = as a result of self-isolation
•   Microsoft Teams and Zoom causing more tiredness and added anxiety

But I have to remember that I’m not the only one suffering and together we all need to keep setting those #Bouncebackability reminders to take a break from our screens, pour ourselves a brew and have that 10 minutes to ourselves… if we can find some peace and quiet it really helps when stuck inside 4 walls (almost) for 10 hours a day.

How I’ve learned to adapt?

It is often said that change is the only constant in life. We most definitely can’t avoid it, much as we might dislike it, we have no choice but to keep adapting. I take much encouragement from all my colleagues, (sometimes forgetting that I’m >20 years younger than the rest). I’m continually learning more productive ways to deal with the daily ongoing challenges and the support I get to help overcome the struggles from my colleagues has been brilliant.

Here’s what’s helped me to build and flex my resilience muscle:

Learned and developed coping skills – Despite how challenging it is – I’ve tried to actively cope with my stressors instead of withdrawing from them. They say the most resilient people use active rather than passive coping skills. E.g., I talk and try to seek support from my colleagues. It’s not embarrasing to be open

Built self-regulation skills – Remaining focused in the face of stress and adversity is important but not easy. Stress-reduction techniques, such as colouring, and mindfulness podcasts, have really helped me regulate my emotions, thoughts & feelings

Restabilising and nurturing my social network – Building a safety net of close relationships has really helped boost my emotional strength during the pandemic – I also find it so rewarding helping others deal with their own ‘issues’ -#keeptalking. There’s plenty of opportunity for me to build new relationships

Goal Setting – Setting weekly, achievable goals has really helped capture and build my sense of direction. Of course, there are bumps along the way, along with opportunities to recognise gaps and build my capability

Prioritise Physical Wellbeing – Regular exercise has helped me to cleanse my mind but also contributes to my mood levels. I would love to be in a gym right now burning all those home bakes but realising that the effect of a Zoom strength and conditioning workout works well too. My emotions and self-esteem are 1000% bolstered by daily activity. #Letskeepmoving

If you would appreciate further reminders on ways to tackle resilience: Augere’s infographic may help for those who are struggling right now, and those of us wanting to help!

For me all of this is a huge learning experience and if we can all follow the words from Mary Engelbreit- “If you don’t like something, change it; if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it” our resilience will grow.

I hope I can continue to develop my learnings and put them into good practice at Augere!

I’ll end on a thought I find useful to remember:

Yasmin Fennell
Digital Marketing & Communications Lead

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