News: AUGERE Directors insights on Brexit and COVID-19

2020 has created a significant shift in our daily lives. Read about our Directors perspectives so far in this article.

2020 has created a significant shift in our daily lives. Read about our Directors perspectives so far below:

Pete Fennell
Peter Fennell
Managing Director

“AUGERE has come a long way since launching nearly 2 years ago. Having supported our customers deliver on their growth and transformation objectives (even through the challenges of Brexit and COVID-19), we are now helping more customers than ever shape, plan and deliver their business aspirations in all the sectors we focus on. We are hugely positive and optimistic for the post-COVID era and look forward to working with all our customers, old and new, over the coming months.’’

‘’The last few months have clearly demonstrated that the future of work has changed for good and those people who are willing to look forward, embrace change, show great resilience and creativity are best placed to come out on top.  At AUGERE we are extremely fortunate to have a team who have done just that, but most importantly have valued clients who share the same mindset and continue to strive to achieve their business transformation.

Nick Brown
Customer Delivery Director
Simon Cook
Simon Cook
Sales Sales Director & Finance Lead

The COVID pandemic has changed the work of work forever! Our business has tackled this significant market shift head on keeping a positive attitude throughout. We have the tools and expertise to help our clients adapt and thrive in such difficult and challenging circumstances.”



” 2020 has been an extraordinary year so far, with personal life and business life being very different for us all – played out in mainly a virtual setting, inspiring new levels of creativity and community spirit all around us. Brexit, the biggest single economic shift of my lifetime, has almost paled into insignificance as the pandemic has connected hearts and minds across the globe on a more human focus.

I’m personally excited to see what will emerge next in terms of technology advancement, new job roles and collaboration efforts to solve broad cross-industry problems. I’m also positively anticipating great things in terms of how the future of work (and life) develops and evolves over the coming years!”

Lisa (Hooley) Edwards
Marketing Director & People Lead
Pete Nacson
Peter Nacson
Customer Delivery Director

” The last year has tested truly many traditional ways of working and thinking about how to ensure a business remains not only viable but well prepared for the future. More than ever we are hearing from our clients that the ability to be flexible, creative, and most importantly have a plan for their future is what will help them not just survive the current difficult times, but to make the most of opportunities to grow and thrive.

By working closely with them and applying our tried and tested approach of:

ADVISE > DELIVER > ELEVATE to their challenges, it is increasingly rewarding to see an increasing sense of optimism and confidence starting to return. The world of business has changed forever; we are very excited about helping our valued clients succeed in this new world.”

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