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Maybe it’s time we stopped just scrolling by? Read about a recent cyber incident handled by our Customer Delivery Director Peter Nacson – we guarantee it’ll make you think!

Maybe it’s time we stopped just scrolling on by?

We are all being regularly reminded about the need for good security whilst we are online and to secure our cloud-based business systems, in fact every other article on LinkedIn seems to be on the subject!

If we were really honest with ourselves though, how many of us simply scroll on by, subconsciously dismissing the risk: “We’re too small for them to look at us” or “it won’t happen to me” or “I’m more worried about Covid and Brexit”.

Well, it was a massive reality check last week, as one of our clients was subject to an organised and pre-planned cyber-attack. A cleverly designed spoof domain, intercepted emails and some handy work with Photoshop created some very believable paperwork that could have been very costly.

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Peter Nacson
Customer Delivery Director

Why not contact Peter directly to chat through your cyber concerns – via email or on his mobile: +44 (0)7730 659009  

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