Resources: Finding resilience as ‘Freedom Week’ kicks in

Read our Digital Marketing lead’s blog setting out some personal tips on how to combat post-lockdown anxiety as we hopefully emerge into some semblance of normality.

This week we have focused on how businesses should respond to the latest easing of restrictions, setting out some ideas on how to combat the uncertainty arising as things continue to change post-lockdown. Organisations are adjusting and exploring new hybrid working arrangements and this change creates uncertainty.

Yesterday we shared some practical tips for businesses to consider as they support staff through the changes to working arrangements and returning to the workplace.

Read our Digital Marketing lead’s blog setting out some personal tips on how to combat post-lockdown anxiety as we hopefully emerge into some semblance of normality.

As people in the UK re-emerge from months of isolation, lockdowns and restrictions, the question that everyone has on their minds: is it right to have lifted all the measures at once?

Whilst the doors to nightclubs have opened once again, sporting events are packed out to maximum capacity, festivals are back at full volume and mask-wearing is deemed to be a personal choice, Covid-19 infections are still rising rapidly. In fact, probably as fast as anywhere in the world right now.

Many of us are feeling the pressure to act and feel normal – as if nothing has changed and the pandemic is done and dusted. But in my humble opinion, I’m not so sure and there must be quite a few people out there that are finding all this a bit confusing. Some may even be feeling a bit anxious, especially if peer pressure is getting applied.

As of the 21st of July COVID-19 infections in those aged between 20 and 29 are now at the highest rate seen in any age group in England since the pandemic began, according to new data. Being a millennial, this got me thinking about how individuals can navigate through things as a result of all the restrictions lifting so quickly.

With this in mind, I have put together some tips that I hope will be useful to help combat any anxiety you might be feeling as you start to get back to the office and navigate the expectations that might come with new ways of working:

  1. Learn positive coping tactics
  2. Be kind to yourself
  3. Speak with your mentor or boss
  4. Maintain a good daily routine
  5. Pace yourself and take one step at a time

Tip 1: Learn positive coping tactics

It’s natural to feel worried every now and again, but anxious thoughts are seldom helpful. Identify and separate unhelpful thoughts from helpful ones and find a different and more positive way to look at the situation.

Tip 2: Be kind to yourself

Don’t be too hard on yourself. You might be feeling some form of ‘lockdown guilt’ for any number of reasons:  for not being as productive as you’d imagined, zoning out with too many virtual meetings, or perhaps struggling with the right balance of your time with fewer boundaries in place between work and home.

I have felt a bit guilty with all of these, but what’s helped me is that I have tried to focus positively on what I have achieved and by breaking big tasks down so that I can move positively forward, take a break, and then pick things up again productively.

Tip 3: Speak with your mentor or boss

A change in circumstances presents the opportunity to challenge work priorities and raise concerns or questions that you have. In my experience, things don’t always come out right first time around, so if you have something important you want to talk about, try practising the conversation with a friend or family member. This will give you the best chance of getting your thoughts across most effectively.

Tip 4: Maintain a good daily routine

During lockdown, life changed for us all and we developed new routines. Even if your habits need to change again now, keep the ones that made you feel good. Remember it takes time to become the best version of yourself. Promoting your daily routine is a commitment. By starting small and being realistic, you can develop healthy habits and effective routines that really help.

One thing I like to do is to take stock at the end of the day to reflect on my achievements.

It’s so easy to lose sight of personal wins after an exhausting day, especially in this heat. Taking just a few minutes at the end of the day to reflect on your wins, puts things into proper perspective, feeding motivation for the day ahead.

Tip 5: Pace yourself – taking one step at a time

We probably still have a long journey ahead and we may not be able to go back to our old ways of working for some time. So, take your time: try relaxing your own restrictions in small steps that make you feel comfortable. Remember too that if you feel overwhelmed, you can always take things slower.


In these testing times, we must carry on supporting our teams, colleagues, friends and family with optimism and cheerfulness. Its not always easy with all this change going on around us and despite the relaxing of the rules, it still doesn’t feel much like we are back to normal. If truth be told,

for most of us normal right now is not feeling normal. So, here’s a little positivity for you to take away!

Happiness is the new rich.

Freedom is the new success.

Health is the new wealth.

And kindness is the new cool.

Slay the day my friends!

Yasmin Fennell
Digital Marketing & Communications Lead

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