Resources: The Legal Sectors 4th Industrial Revolution

Legal and LawTech developments present opportunities for many firms looking to leverage technology, make efficiency gains and adapt to an agile working culture. Read our Insight paper to hear our perspective:

Read our AUGERE Insight paper on transformation and what’s next for the Legal Sector:

The combined effects of emerging technologies, market disrupters and new ways of working (together with changing customer expectation and habits) have been titled the “4th Industrial Revolution” to describe the effect on businesses and society as a whole. The Legal sector in particular is at a tipping point in reacting to these forces of change; political and economic uncertainty adds to the mix of challenges, but for those firms prepared and resilient, there is also great opportunity!

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22nd Jun 2021

Resources: Business Planning

Augere can help you map out the sequence and priority of actions in a coherent plan with people engaged and on-side to make the difference you need.