Our Mission

Helping you perform better, faster.

We set up Augere with the mission to help businesses
and people perform better, faster.

AUGERE - Mission - Strategy

Defining the strategy and plan, building the right relationships and leading transformational change so that all stakeholders fully contribute to delivering required performance outcomes is what we do best.

Our leadership team have clocked up more than 150 years of career experiences; in industry-leading consulting services, leading numerous change and technology projects and in global operational leadership roles.

We have seen first-hand how and why many transformational change initiatives struggle to deliver and embed the changes they promise. Outcomes and expectations are not always consistently understood and supported; accountabilities are all too often misunderstood, and there is often a lack of dedicated and experienced change practitioners and resources assigned.

These issues generally result in the foundations for success not being established up front, and the pace and impact of change is slowed and reduced by inevitable rescoping and rework mid-project, as business leaders adapt in real-time to their new working environment.

Our business is founded on helping SMEs, Public Sector & smaller Corporates to succeed, rather than chasing big, global brands.

Your business will never be a second thought at Augere, because to us smaller is a very big deal!

AUGERE - Mission - Performance

We don’t just “do” change…

Our goal is to work holistically, alongside you, enabling you to realise the best performance outcomes for your business – whatever the size, nature and complexity of the challenges you are facing.

We work as an integral part of your team and customers welcome our people into their teams working side by side.  Augere have high-quality, high-performing, expert consultants able to fill skills gaps, provide focused leadership and drive delivery. Our customers also ask us to source and engage expert specialist partners who are the best in their field, partners we know how to work with and who will make a positive impact in supporting the outcomes required to perform better, faster.

We are very proud of the difference we are making and look forward to helping more customers to transform the Augere way!

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