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About us

Our values

Our values define who we are at Augere. They guide our actions and how we work with each other. Above all, we practice what we preach in our actions, work ethic and integrity. Our teams are made up of individuals who always give their all and perform at the highest standards in everything they do.

We are people:

  • With energy, passion and creativity
  • Who demonstrate integrity, respect and determination
  • Who embrace and deliver change every day
  • Who build relationships based on listening and doing the right thing
  • With the courage to lead and speak out

Augere - About Us - Values

Augere - About Us - Pronunciation

So, how do you pronounce Augere?

Our customers often ask how to pronounce our company name. We use a ‘hard G’, and the last syllable rhymes with ‘air’, so the best way to say it is, “AU-G-AIR”

What does Augere mean?

The word has a Latin root and means, “to increase”. Like augment, it implies growth, adding to or supplementing.

The sense of growing something that has latent capability is really important to us… in other words we want to help you to unleash your potential. We love making a difference, working together with you to perform better and faster.

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